How to play Mental Game in basketball

How to play mental game in basketball

The basketball game is not only about your skills on the court but also ability to maintain your mental strength.

Best players like Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Kobe Bryant knew that the biggest advantages you can have over your opponents lays in inner game...

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Basketball coaching – basic approach

Basketball coaching – what you need to know

So you made your decision. You want to become a basketball coach. Before you start you have to consider many things. One of them is basketball coaching philosophy. Every good coach has its own unique system which help him to get through tough times...

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how to improve vertical jump

Vertical Jump Training Program – Jump higher in just 3 weeks

Hi Guys!

How are your trainings going?

Couple weeks ago I have written an article about how I had started to be more successful in dunking. Today I wanna give a brief introduction to the vertical jump training program which made a HUGE difference in my basketball skills. It got me jump higher in jus...

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basketball drills

Basketball drills – how to approach them

Whats up player?

So you decided to become better basketball player. You are on a right page. In the article I will try to take a closer look on basketball drills. What are basketball drills?

How to approach basketball drills?

Basically they are specially designed exercise which will help you in diff...

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how to improve vertical jump

How to improve vertical jump

Sup guys!

Three days ago I have been asked via email how to improve vertical jump. Since I was struggling with it a lot, here is a brief story how I managed to overcome my weakness. Now I am one of the best dunkers in top10 NCAA team.

How to Improve Vertical Jump – My Story

How to improve vertica...

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